Planets Of Astrology

What the Planets In Astrology Mean?

Each celestial body in our solar system serves a purpose in astrology.

If you’re looking at your own personal astrology (more on that in a moment), each planet or luminary (the sun and moon) offers insight into different pieces of your personality and life. For instance, your sun sign speaks to your sense of self and identity.

But if we’re talking about what sign a planet or luminary is currently moving through, we could be characterizing a particular month. For example, you might hear how from July 22-23 to August 22-23 (the beginning and end dates for the sign vary from year to year), the sun is in Leo, a fire sign symbolized by the Lion, offering up more confidence and fueling bold action.

The basic symbolism for each of the main planets, luminaries, and points in the sky:

Sun: Confidence, self-image, self-esteem, sense of self, and identity.

Moon: The emotional compass of the zodiac, shaping a sense of safety, security, values, and intuition.

Mercury: The messenger planet, which oversees information-gathering, research, and communication.

Venus: The planet of love and beauty influences passions, relationships, pleasure, art, and money.

Mars: The go-getter planet involves how you take action, your energy, sexual expression, and courage.

Jupiter: The planet of luck and abundance.

Saturn: The planet of rules, limitations, boundaries, and discipline.

Uranus: The planet of change, rebellion, breakthroughs, and sudden events.

Pluto: The planet of transformation, death, rebirth, and power.

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