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Abhimantra Astrology

is the ultimate destination for all your career goals in astrology.

Abhimantra Astrology - An Astrology Centre
In Rishikesh

Abhimantra Astrology is an astrology centre in rishikesh. A virtual institution reckoned for offering the best online astrology services as per the needs of its clients. We provide the consultation services for everyone, making it more complete and efficient. Also, practical and easy remedial methods are suggested for bringing the change. Apart from consultation services and remedies, we also conduct online astrology classes. We have already catered thousand of students. The aim of our institute is to reach as many deserving and desiring people through our online courses. 

Astrology Centre In Rishikesh

Abhimantra Astrology Vision

 May everyone be focused.

 May everyone be balanced.

 May everyone see goodness and auspiciousness in everything.

 May none be unhappy or distressed.

Abhimantra Astrology Mission

Our mission is to keep our people connected to our vedas (vedic astrology) and close to our roots.

Abhimantra Astrology Basic Pillars


In continuous training, inspired and committed to give their best every day.


A way of being simple, honest, humble and practical as part of the legacy we receive from our traditions. The key is to be ourselves.


Quality services that satisfy the needs and desires of people in an efficient and dynamic way.

Different and meaningful

Abhimantra Astrology is not like other centres and we want it to be that way. We like to question the ways of doing things, and we love what we do every day.

Renew and improve

We are always looking for new and better ways to keep progressing. Whatever we do we can always improve and progress every day.


The course content covers the first level and second level. Whether you are a beginner or a certified teacher, we guarantee growth and evolution.